Stencilled Pineapple Cookies

And we’re back! Our holiday felt like endless days of sun and sea.And then suddenly it was all over! We came straight back into piles of washing, no electricity (load shedding), and today… no water (a burst pipe.) Aargh!Reality bites back! So, let’s rather think back to the happy days before we even left on […]

Confetti Cookies

March didn’t start out well. I caught this damn virus from my damn darling kids. And all energy and motivation fled in the face of it.But thankfully it wasn’t the kind of virus that was here to stay, and I picked myself up and got cracking with party prep. Yes, March means my “little” girl […]

Forest Friends Cupcakes

 You know I need my woodlands creatures fix – at least once a year. So while I was planning on teaching standard swirls and flowers for the “Basic Buttercream” cupcake class, I somehow got sidetracked by these guys. But the classes were better off for it! It started with the fawn, top right, inspired by […]

Dark Chocolate Cupcakes with Salted Caramel Centres and Caramel Popcorn

What could possibly be better than dark chocolate cupcakes filled with salted caramel, decked with cream cheese frosting?I’ll tell you what – throwing some home-made caramel popcorn into the equation! The biggest problem with making caramel popcorn? It’s not the volcanically hot caramel sauce you’ll be working with, no  – but rather the temptation to try a piece or […]

Choc-Chip and Orange Yoghurt Cupcakes

Oh, 2019 you’re sending me mixed messages, I don’t know where I stand with you. Can we just be friends?!I’m feeling a bit nostalgic for 2018 . Can you tell? Oh, the good old days. Life was simpler back then… 😝Don’t worry, though. I’ll get the hang of this year, around March. Maybe May. Until then? Don’t over-think it.  Chocolate […]

Blueberry Crumble Cheesecake Bars

First recipe share of 2019, and it’s a keeper! I love crumble. I love cheesecake. And I love the two together!  (And by I,  I mean we, right?! ) While there are a few steps here for the various layers,  you could quite easily make the base and crumble in advance, then put it all together when you’re […]

Star-in-Star Cookies

I would love to be posting something fresh and amazing as the first post of 2019; but I’m afraid I’m still quagmired in 2018!Although the Christmas tree is down and the decorations are all packed away –  I can say that, at least! But I’m otherwise feeling quite unprepared to tackle this year.January is always a […]

Snowflake Cookies and Cutters

Every Christmas I pause, and think how odd it is to be decorating snowmen and snowflakes in the peak of summer. But it doesn’t stop me from doing it! The pull of Northern Hemisphere tradition is too strong to be denied (and who knows, with climate change maybe one day we’ll get our Christmas wish… Eeek! […]

Christmas Pudding Decorated Chocolates

We’re all saying it, so it must be true – every year is going by faster. Right?!Blink and Christmas is here again. One of these days we won’t even need to take down the decorations! (What a thankless task anyway 🙈 )So, in the interest of saving time, sometimes you have to cut a few […]

Cinnamon and Brown Sugar Buttercream

Yip, it’s definitely that time of year: a spoonful of chaos added to a cupful of busy-ness!I have to be very disciplined with my days, to get everything done. But there’s many a curveball along the way: emergency cases at the hospital, load shedding, burst pipes … and that was just the past three days!So […]