Bright Balloon and Star Cookies

…and these were the original birthday cookies. Bright and colourful, and not movie-themed. Thank goodness I’d felt energetic, and had made a balloon and a star for each of the boys joining us for the movie. And a couple of extras…  …because these are what got taken to school for class treats. There were exactly […]

Popcorn and Cola Cookies

So here’s the story of these popcorn cookies, that I hadn’t intended to be make.  My son’s birthday was on Sunday. He wasn’t supposed to have a party.  I’ve told my two – I’ll give you parties until you’re 10; then after that, only at 13,  maybe 16, 18 and 21. But we’ll still do […]

Winter Gingerbread Cottages

There’s a reason why I’ve never done a Christmas gingerbread house class.  Let’s be realistic, this is Durban… Christmas means heat, humidity, and ants (and family and fun and festivities, yes – but mostly heat and humidity 🙈) So, winter is the best time to construct these cottages. They’re not going to fall apart as […]

Seed Crunchies

School holidays… we eagerly await them and the respite they bring from the morning rush and packing lunch boxes.  But can we talk about how many snacks kids need when we spend a whole day at home?! I land up taking mine out for milkshakes and hamburgers more often than I should, because I can’t face […]

Brush Embroidery Cookie Tips

Last week we spoke about tips –  piping tips.But the brush-embroidered cookies I used too illustrate the points (aha  – points, get it!) brought to mind another tip – the brush tip that works well for brush embroidery… (and yes – there’s another word-play opportunity there with tip, but I’m fighting the urge to point […]