Christmas Cookies 2019

Ok, so I might just be avoiding today’s real task of cleaning the house and cooking Christmas Eve dinner But it is also important to get these cookies logged before Christmas 2019 comes and goes, right?! This was the first time I made Santa and Mrs Claus cookies for a class – I’ve avoided them […]

Rainbow Spectrum Cupcakes

Why is it that rainbows make us happy?We could go scientific and speak about the wonder of prisms reflecting and refracting light.  We could go deep and philosophical and speak about how rainbows symbolise hope and renewal when they appear with the calm after a storm. And that is all true.But I think our delight […]

Halloween Zombling Cookies

I called these cookies Zombies, but my son pointed out that they’re not – they’re more like voodoo doll cookies aren’t they? But that idea creeps me out a little too much (i’m not sure why – ‘cos I’m not overly sensitive to ghoulishness!).So I’m calling them zomblings, ok?Ok! What I didn’t mention when I […]

Halloween Cookies 2019

Well, now…. I’m just about a decade behind on cookie posts. But you’ve seen the clips on Instagram and Facebook, haven’t you?It’s been hard to keep up with everything this term. Just this morning I was fantasising about self-driving cars – I could just send the car to fetch the kids from school. But then […]